Nintendo Feed Podcast: July 2013

It's that time of the month again, when you give up over an hour of your life to sit down and listen to us talk about Nintendo and other junk. Yes, that's right! The Nintendo Feed Podcast for July 2013 is now available for your listening pleasure.

Join us in this month's episode as we discuss the excellent new Soul Saga, which is heading to Wii U soon. Along with, all things Star Wars Pinball, Game & Wario and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. Plus, you guessed, even more Animal Crossing.

A huge thanks to Kevin MacLeod for music used throughout.

If all that sounds right up your street, you can catch the link to download the podcast right here. Plus, you can also catch the Podcast feed here and if use that thing from Apple, called iTunes, feel free to give us a subscribe and never miss an episode again.

Enjoy the podcast!

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