News: Nintendo Feed's Mario Kart Community Race Night is on!

With all the recent Animal Crossing: New Leaf shenanigans, it's quite easy to forget the more mature 3DS classics, such as Mario Kart 7. Well, it's time to dust off those cartridges, as the Nintendo Feed Mario Kart 7 Community Race Night is officially on!

On Saturday 24th August, you'll have the chance to play some core Mario Kart action with the Nintendo Feed team and readers. Here's those all important times:
United Kingdom (BST) - 8pm
Central European - 9pm
Eastern United States - 3pm
Central United States - 2pm
Pacific US - 12pm (Noon)
Here are the codes for the community rooms, you'll need to enter these in the community section of Mario Kart 7's Online mode:
All Items Grand-Prix - 50-3971-6129-0044
All Items Battle - 14-3838-6051-3154
Be sure to keep an eye out for Nintendo Feed team members on the track, you'll be able to identify them with the [NF] suffix in their name. Also be sure to give our Twitter feed a follow, where we'll be tracking all the progress, get it? See you on the track!

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