Review: Call of Duty: Ghosts (Wii U)

Think of a Nintendo game, ok? Well I can already tell that you're thinking about swinging swords, punching blocks and capturing adorable little creatures. Yes, you weren't thinking about using a profile of dangerous weapons to take down hoards of opponents. Whether first person shooters are your scene or not, its fantastic to see the Wii U getting some proper third party support in the form of Activision's most high profile first person shooter.

With Call of Duty games, its always going to be clear from the offset that you'll either love them or hate them. First Person Shooters are certainly a very niche market, but they're also a very large and prominent part of our video games industry. Personally, I'm very new to the franchise and having known a group of friends who follow the series religiously, I thought it was about time that I jumped in and explored exactly what Call of Duty: Ghosts has to offer.

I'll start with the good news, Call of Duty: Ghosts won't bite, nor will it implode your brain or even impurity your gaming tastes. As aforementioned, Call of Duty: Ghosts certainly won't be for everyone amongst the Nintendo gaming community, as a title that is much better suited to Xbox and Playstation audiences, but it is worth respecting this First Person Shooter for what it is. Ghosts represents excellent build quality within games, fantastically fun online multiplayer and a more than decent campaign to top it off.

Even if you don't follow the genre closely, you're most likely aware of what first person shooters and Call of Duty specifically is all about. Yes, you essentially just run around with a gun shooting endless hoards of enemies. Okay, admittedly, there's a little more to it than that. I won't enlighten you with how a First Person Shooter works, but I will say that Call of Duty: Ghosts is the most refined game of its genre available on Nintendo's Wii U.

The Campaign is where most gamers will find the bulk of gameplay with Ghosts, featuring a rich apocalyptic type storyline, Ghosts sees you, your brother and father joining a super-secret (well, not so much) organisation to essentially save the world. Yes, its a tad cliched, but its nice to see many twists and turns in the plot along the way. Plus, Ghost's Campaign is certainly the most expansive in the Call of Duty series to date. However, what's most impressive about the Campaign mode here, is the excellent use of cut scenes used throughout. You'll break quite regularly into one of these essentially short movie clips, which can only be a good thing, considering the visual treat they are.

Talking of visuals, Call f Duty: Ghosts definitely looks and feels fantastic. Despite several reports that graphical elements aren't on par with other versions of the title, I have received absolutely no problems and Ghosts looks fantastic in the Wii U's uber-super-sonical HD graphicalness.

Whilst the campaign is both rich in depth and story, for me, the most fun was to be had within Call of Duty: Ghost's Multiplayer modes. The title makes room for both local and online multiplayer, but I found that online multiplayer was the best and its where you'll be spending any moment of your time within the game, when you've completed the campaign. With hardcore and standard difficulty levels, Ghosts features a variety of different game modes online, ranging from the classic Team Deathmatch right through to the pretty awesome Hunger Games style survival mode.

When it comes to the online multiplayer though, there certainly is a few groans to be had. Firstly, some of the servers are pretty poor, with connection regularly being lost; spitting players out to menu screen. Secondly, its a strange decision of Activision's to exclude the Wii U from the cross-platform clan system, it would have been nice to have been involved within Clan matches across the world.

Its also worth taking a moment to mention the various control schemes on offer with this game, with the Wii U offering the best pick of the bunch in terms of controls. Primarily, you can use the Gamepad, which does allow for easy map access, however, its far too clunky when it comes to long play sessions. Thankfully, the Wii U Pro Controller provides a much easier alternative, providing very similar controls to what is offered on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Activision have also chucked in support for the Wii Remote, which provides fantastic precision when it comes to aiming.

In conclusion, as aforementioned, in many cases, Call of Duty: Ghosts won't be for every Wii U gamer. However, it is a fantastic representation of third party support for Nintendo's Wii U and offers the most refined First Person Shooter experience on the Wii U to date. + Josh Moorcroft-Jones

8/10 - It would be very easy to dismiss Call of Duty: Ghosts as yet another first person shooter, however, its certainly worth making time to play. Its a great representation of how publishers like Activision are finally providing support for Nintendo's Wii U, that's on par with other systems.

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