Josh's Thoughts: One Year on, are Things Getting any better for the Wii U?

Over a year ago, the Nintendo Wii U was unleashed onto the Western video games market, however, following it's release, the console has plummeted into a state of absolute failure. Now, one year on, Nintendo Feed asks the question, are things getting any better for the Nintendo Wii U or are we still looking at what's set to be one of the worst video game failures of all time?

Following it's final showcase at E3 2012, the Nintendo Wii U was undeniably surrounded with hype. Things looked extremely promising for Nintendo's hardware future, with little information available about Microsoft and Sony's new iterations, Nintendo seemed to have hit it again with another innovative piece of tech.

However, when the console finally launched in late November 2012, things were far from exciting. Despite initially hopeful sales figures, things only seemed to plummet from there. Learning from the 3DS' mistakes, Nintendo did launch the Wii U with a pretty exciting array of titles, including our favourite red plumber himself. However it was the month's following this that were dry of releases, with January and February prominently very dismal on the Wii U release front.

It certainly left new Wii U owners with more than a bit of disappointment on their hands. Nintendo were seemingly pushing forward with the ever so successful 3DS, leaving the new Wii U to drown in it's own sorrows. In terms of games, in recent months, things are certainly getting better. Especially following the Wii U's big boom of titles in the summer. Nintendo being more keen than ever to push out big budget titles, like Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101. However, games like this, certainly weren't going to shift systems.

Furthermore, the Wii U has experienced it's fair share of price cuts in recent months, with UK retailers in particular slashing prices in the build up to the holiday season. You can now buy a Wii U with games for under £200, which is astonishing in comparison to the hefty price tags that are coupled with opponents.

Wii U sales are looking up in comparison to what we've seen in recent months, and Nintendo really have the excellent Super Mario 3D World to thank for that. I personally credited the game as "my favourite game of all time" and many other press outlets are describing it as the best next generation game. It's certainly a release that has overshadowed the Xbox One and PS4 somewhat.

December 2013 is going to be a vital month for Nintendo, it will show us if the Wii U does have any ounce of a chance in terms of standing up against the big boys. Nintendo UK in particular recently announced plans to give the Wii U a big marketing push this Christmas, and that's certainly something it needs. It's just a shame that it couldn't have come any sooner.

If this Christmas doesn't turn out successful for the Wii U, then I have no idea where is next for the big N. Will they abandon the Wii U or even the hardware sector all together? It leaves many questions to be asked. However, for now, I have every faith that the Wii U will succeed in it's goals. Available at half the price of competitors, with twice the innovation. Considering Nintendo really market fantastic games like Super Mario 3D World right and they act sharpish in releasing Mario Kart 8 and the next Smash Bros, then I see no reason why the Wii U can't conquer the market once again.

I'm Josh and these are my thoughts - what are your thoughts? Voice it off below and let us know where you think the Wii U is heading...

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