Josh's Thoughts: Are we Right to Cover Nintendo in a Completely Impartial Manner?

Following yesterday's shock announcement that Nintendo were in a degree of financial trouble, we covered the event by commissioning an article discussing the next step forward for Nintendo. This article caused quite some controversy amongst the community and in particular over on N4G, where it raised a huge debate.

The article was slated for portraying Nintendo in a bad manner and the view of many users was that because we're a "Nintendo fan site" we shouldn't portray Nintendo in this light.

Before we start, we'll make one thing very clear, we are not a Nintendo fan site, we consider to be a Nintendo coverage website, therefore remaining impartial towards Nintendo. The Nintendo Feed team all love Nintendo and that's exactly why we're here, however we do not believe that every decision that Nintendo make is 100% correct. Our impartial view towards the Nintendo brand is exactly why many of you, our readers stick with us every single day for your Nintendo goings-on.

There are many Nintendo fan sites available out there, whenever Nintendo announce a new game, new staff reshuffle, new financial situation, they'll all nod their heads in excitement and agree that Nintendo's decision isn't anything but correct. Whilst we all love Nintendo and many of the decisions they make, we have to remain integral and impartial, representing an honest opinion.

The article posted yesterday on Nintendo Feed was clearly marked as an opinion piece, the purpose of this variety of article being to represent the opinion of one single person (that person being me) and also to spark debate amongst the community, and there's no doubt that it did that.

In the initial title of the article, we originally stated that Nintendo were in financial ruin, we later changed this statement, considering it was slightly unfair and over the top. However, Nintendo Feed still retains the feeling that our article was completely fair, as it only represented one side of the argument. We constantly make content singing Nintendo's praises, so as a completely impartial media outlet, it is only to be expected that we should take other views from time to time.

The same impartial attitudes apply to all articles on our site, when we review games, it would be completely unfair of us to award every Nintendo title a straight 10/10 without putting it through scrutiny. For example, back in November, we awarded The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds a 9/10, which came as a bit of a shock compared to the usual 10/10s it was receiving elsewhere. This was infact the same score received by Just Dance 2014. Many fans would digress that both these titles are not worthy of the same score, but that was our opinion and opinion is the same factor that applies in this situation.

In all, we'd like to re-iterate the fact that we are not a Nintendo fan site, our aim is to provide impartial coverage of the Nintendo brand. We do this through representing a variety of views and opinions and not always saying that Nintendo are right.

We would also like to apologize if the views in any of our opinion pieces cause any offense, but they are infact opinions and Nintendo Feed continues to stand by them. We would also like to ask that you take a moment to complete the below poll, so that we can continue to maintain the high quality content level on Nintendo Feed and please do leave your opinions about the matter below.

Thanks for your continued support towards Nintendo Feed and we look forward to continuing to serve you for the foreseeable future.

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