Anna's Thoughts: Three Nintendo Franchises that Need HD Reboots

Seriously, does this not annoy anyone else? Nintendo stubbornly refuse to change any aspect of any of their games. Why do they never - ever - never - massively reboot and revamp their franchises? Not only would it be a welcome and perhaps necessary change after over 25 years - it would also be incredibly cool!

Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros, Pokemon, Kirby, Donkey Kong - a lot of Nintendo franchises share the same issue, that they stick to the basics, and only trim around the edges for new instalments. Don't get me wrong, I love Nintendo - If I didn't I wouldn't be on this website everyday rejoicing over news of Super Smash Bros or Mario Kart. But I've been playing their games since I could hold a Gameboy, and I'm pretty darn old now. And now and then, I would love it if Nintendo would throw out a game that completely derives from our expectation, something new and interesting and out of the ordinary. And because I'm a loser, I've thought about the sort of reboots that could be incredible, and darn do I want them to exist!

Pokemon - So how amazing would this be - an expansive, HD open world Pokemon game? I mean, X and Y was good with graphics, but still does not match the level of graphical technology available - they could make it a whole lot better and a whole lot cooler.

And by open world I don't mean several cities with lengths of terrain in between, I mean SKYRIM LIKE. A huge, massively expansive universe, all yours to explore, from the mountains you see far away to the bottoms of the dark oceans - with Pokemon running wild all around. Not only would this look beautiful, it would also offer the opportunity of hunting down rare Pokemon; if you see it, you could follow it to the ends of the earth until its yours. It would also no longer be turned based, but maybe be assign each battle move to a button and then its free-play combat - real intense action battle. I don't know about you, but I would play this game non-stop.

Legend of Zelda - A fantastic game, but getting too cute and aiming for a younger audience these days - which is fair enough of course, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't love a grittier more adult version of the game. I would also love it if Zelda was just a little less linear - they touch upon it in games like the Wind Waker and A Link Between Worlds, giving you a world to explore instead of just forcing you along the narrative - but a game where you could make choices and decisions that effect the state of Hyrule or relationships or alliances with other characters? I'd love it. For once you could make Link evil! I wouldn't - but the choice would be interesting to explore.

A story revamp would be nice too, rescuing the princess gets old fast. "Link, King of the Kokiri, is raging war on Princess Zelda of Hyrule for invading their sacred forest, and the battle is fierce and thick throughout the kingdom - little to do they know however that a greater threat, Ganondorf, is looming in the shadow, feeding off the chaos. The realm is at the brink, but what do you do?" Make this game Nintendo!

Super Smash Bros. - Now, Super Smash Bros. is possibly one of the best games ever invented - so why would I want to change it you might ask? Well, I wouldn't have it changed, I would have thrown into the online world. Keep the same game, but just accept that the internet is a significant part of the gaming world now.

Imagine it! Online world wide tournaments to see who really is the best fighter, online challenges and timing tasks to claim titles and experience and trophies, online help in story modes or boss battles, connect with friends and battle from worlds away! People love to play together and the internet allows this! The internet in Smash Bros could also introduce DLC's, like new weekly characters or new levels or items - people would download those in the bucket loads! Well, I would!

If any of these games existed, you can bet your gold coins I'd be hurling my cash at the unsuspecting Gamestop employee, and you can bet your rupees no one would see me for a couple of days while I spent my hours playing them non-stop. But what do you think? Would you play these reboots if they existed?

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