Josh's Thoughts: Should Nintendo Revive the Vegas Stakes Series?

You may remember a little while back, when we took a look back at the much credited Vegas Stakes for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Back in the SNES era, the series gained quite a following, greeting popular demand for a Gameboy portable version. However, Nintendo soon brought the series to a close. Today, we're asking, should Nintendo revive the Vegas Stakes series?

Vegas Stakes is the SNES sequel to Vegas Dream, it was released in 1993 and produced by the much credited Hal Labatory. It was something starkly different to the fun and bouncy Kirby games that Hal are most commonly known for.

The game sees players travelling to the gambling capital of Las Vegas, once there, you'll be handed $1000 to gamble with as you embark on your journey to win $10 million across casinos in Vegas. Vegas Stakes features a variety of gambling game modes, including: Craps, Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, and Slots.

Following the releases of Vegas Deam, Stakes and the Gameboy iteration, Nintendo soon brought the series to a swift but unofficial close. The reason for this could well be because people's gaming tastes were changing at the time and pretty fast they were changing too. Nintendo may have very well thought that there was no space left in the industry for their much loved gambling franchise.

So has the time now come for the Vegas Stakes series to come back from the dead? We very much think so. However, we're not suggesting that Nintendo go all out and take a new Stakes game to full Wii U retail as it would undeniably flop. The market isn't there anymore for such a game and Nintendo would have a hard job convincing consumers to get their hands on it. However, a smaller eShop release for 3DS or Wii U could well be the answer.

Such a release would give fans of the original title the opportunity to go ahead and give the game another go. Maybe even a HD remake of the title could be an option, or an all together sequel.

Vegas Stakes was a much loved title of it's day and it would truly be a shame to not see the series ever see the light of day again. Nintendo are at a point where they really need to bring in as much people as possible and opening up opportunities such as this one could really help with that. There are many great gambling experiences available online, such as pokies with great graphics, so Nintendo really can't afford to be missing out on such an area of the industry.

I'm Josh and those are my thoughts, what are yours? Let me know in the comment section...

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