Nintendo Feed Podcast: March 2014

With no Nintendo Direct broadcast of late, you would have imagined that the Nintendo Feed team would be dry of things to discuss this month, well, you thought wrong. Our March 2014 podcast is here, and you can join us as we dive in and talk about anything really.

Even with no Nintendo Direct, we've still managed to scrape together some tasty news for you this month, aswell as taking a look at Yoshi's New Island, Pokemon Link Battle and exactly why we're still playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Huge thanks to Kevin MacLeod for the music used throughout.

If that sounds like your kind of fun, then you can dive in right now and listen using our tidy MP3 File, or if Apple is your thing, you're in luck as we're on the almighty iTunes. Plus, we've even catered for the traditionalists amongst you with our tasty RSS feed.

We hope you enjoy.

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