Meet the Team

Management and Editorial Team

Josh Moorcroft-Jones (Managing Editor)
With a good few years of vital industry experience under his belt, Josh founded Nintendo Feed and continues to stand as Managing Editor. Josh skilfully manages to squeeze in playing other games around his second life in Animal Crossing.

Favourite Series: Animal Crossing | Twitter: @famicomputer | 3DS: 0345-0525-1420 | Miiverse: Squashie

Daniel Godfrey (Assistant Editor)
Daniel holds quite an influential role in the development of the site, however, we're not too keen on his idea of making the site Luigi themed. Nonetheless, Daniel has become quite an important piece of Nintendo Feed furniture.

Favourite Series: Luigi (yes, we tried to explain) | Twitter: @skyluigi2 | 3DS: 5069-3912-3062 | Miiverse: skyluigi

Scott Everly (US Editor)
As our chief editor on the other side of the Atlantic, Scott interviews developers, and plays far too much Monster Hunter for his own good. After much persuasion, he finally adopted a 3DS and enjoys continuing hunting on the go.

Favourite Series: Monster Hunter | 3DS: 0662-4557-6516 | Miiverse: Everly

News and Nintendo Coverage Team

Bryan King (US Correspondent)
Once known as Nintendo Feed's head of reviews, Bryan recently made a return to our team in a bid to recapture his reviewing roots - he's now known for covering some of the biggest releases in the world of Nintendo.

Favourite Series: The Legend of Zelda | Twitter: @greatfox9605 | 3DS: - | Miiverse: GreatFox9605

Andrew Besemer (US Correspondent)
Someone has to keep you lot happy and fed up with all the latest news and that job mainly falls on Andrew. He spends day and night scouring the internet for the latest little scraps of Nintendo news, and he does a good job at that.

Favourite Series: Super Smash Bros. | Twitter: @andrewbesemer3DS: 0001-3314-3903 | Miiverse: PKMN_CHAMPION

Justin Prouty (US Correspondent)
Some of our older readers will remember seeing Justin's face on this very page earlier last year, well, it turns out he just couldn't stay away, returning to the Nintendo Feed mother-ship, with news and reviews in hand.

Favourite Series: Mario & Luigi | Twitter: @daijigen | 3DS: 3695-0118-8388 | Miiverse: chargin_chuck

Daniel Grana (UK Correspondent)
As our resident "indie expert", you'll find Daniel (no. 2) covering all things emerging from the Kickstarter scene. Aside from this, he's a classic Nintendo fan, loving the finer adventures in life, such as Zelda and Dragon Quest.

Favourite Series: Super Mario | Twitter: @granabanana | 3DS: 1504-5784-8730 | Miiverse: granabanana

Darren Kerwin (UK Correspondent)
By far Nintendo Feed's most musical team member, with many high profile fan music compilations to his name, Darren also finds time to write the occasional article, whilst pushing away hoards of fans.

Favourite Series: Metroid | Twitter: @darrenkerwin | 3DS: 1762-2656-4653 | Miiverse: darrenkerwin

Meg Read (UK Correspondent)
We recently prized Meg away from her precious Zelda coverage over at Zelda Informer in order to get her cooking up some reviews for the Nintendo Feed mothership. We'd say it's worked.

Favourite Series: The Legend of Zelda | Twitter: @megbethanyread | 3DS: 1478-5930-1671 | Miiverse: megbethanyread

Kerry-Lee Copsey (UK Correspondent)
You're probably already familiar with Kerry-Lee from the "news" section of Nintendo Feed. Kerry's one of our most dedicated news reporters and reviewers, or at least when she's taking time out from Pokémon.

Favourite Series: Pokémon | Twitter: @kezz182 | 3DS: 1782-2744-8578 | Miiverse: Kezz182

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