Meet the Team

Management and Editorial Team

Josh Moorcroft-Jones (Managing Editor)
With a good few years of vital industry experience under his belt, Josh founded Nintendo Feed and continues to stand as Managing Editor. Josh skilfully manages to squeeze in playing other games around his second life in Animal Crossing.

Favourite Series: Animal Crossing | Twitter: @famicomputer | 3DS: 0345-0525-1420 | Miiverse: Squashie

Daniel Godfrey (Assistant Editor)
Daniel holds quite an influential role in the development of the site, however, we're not too keen on his idea of making the site Luigi themed. Nonetheless, Daniel has become quite an important piece of Nintendo Feed furniture.

Favourite Series: Luigi (yes, we tried to explain) | Twitter: @skyluigi2 | 3DS: 5069-3912-3062 | Miiverse: skyluigi

News and Nintendo Coverage Team

Jamie Ward (UK Correspondent)
We think Jamie must just about every video games platform under the sun, but he assures us that Nintendo consoles are his favourite. With that in mind, we graciously accepted Jamie onto our team.

Favourite Series: Fire Emblem | Twitter: @HaYI064 | 3DS: 2363-5638-5735 | Miiverse: Ward10

Ash Harrison (UK Correspondent)
Some say that Josh only offered Ash a position on the team because of his dedication to Animal Crossing: New Leaf, having pumped in over 1000 hours. However, we're sure it's actually for his writing ability.

Favourite Series: The Legend of Zelda | Twitter: @FightAshFight | 3DS: 0130-1890-0331 | Miiverse: Ash_Harrison1

Bryan King (US Correspondent)
Once known as Nintendo Feed's head of reviews, Bryan recently made a return to our team in a bid to recapture his reviewing roots - he's now known for covering some of the biggest releases in the world of Nintendo.

Favourite Series: The Legend of Zelda | Twitter: @greatfox9605 | 3DS: 3437-3070-5519 | Miiverse: GreatFox9605

Andrew Besemer (US Correspondent)
Someone has to keep you lot happy and fed up with all the latest news and that job mainly falls on Andrew. He spends day and night scouring the internet for the latest little scraps of Nintendo news, and he does a good job at that.

Favourite Series: Super Smash Bros. | Twitter: @andrewbesemer3DS: 0001-3314-3903 | Miiverse: PKMN_CHAMPION

Jonathan Floyd-Evans (US Correspondent)
We're not quite sure if Jonathan's Super Smash Bros. skill leaves us feeling impressed or threatened. Either way, he's a perfect fit for our team. You can read his work across a number of reviews on Nintendo Feed.

Favourite Series: Pokémon | Twitter: @LeitungVG | 3DS: 2294-5731-1492 | Miiverse: FredFudu

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