Scoring Policy

After reading our in-depth analysis of a game, you're probably left wondering if you should actually pick up that particular game or not? Well, that's why we provide a score out of 10 at the end of each review.

The score is based upon the opinion of that particular reviewer and will most certainly be different according to everyone's tastes. Here's a break down of our scores.

10 - This score represents true perfection in video games and is as high as we are able to score titles. Despite personal likes, dislikes and tastes, this game is a great package and well worth picking up for anyone's gaming pleasure.

9 - A game scoring 9 is considered by us to be an all round excellent package. A few slight flaws might have held it back from getting a perfect score, but worth picking up nonetheless.

8 - A score of 8 is awarded to fantastic titles, that are more than worth your time. Still, they contain nothing genre defining and are often simply what's been done before.

7 - Titles awarded with 7 are still fun in their own right, but they certainly won't make a big impact when it comes to shifting consoles. These games might need a bit of consideration when picking up.

6 - Let's not forget that a game awarded with a score of 6 is still above average and technically a "better" game. It's going to feature a fair few flaws, but if you're a fan of the series or genre, you're most likely still going to enjoy this title.

5 - The problem is, most readers often perceive 5 as being a bad score and it's actually not; it's average. At the middle of our scoring spectrum, 5 represents a title that contains a vast mix of both good and bad features. Whether you buy it, that's up to you.

4 - This is when things start going down hill. A score of 4 might have a few good bits... but it's probably best avoided.

3 - A score of 3 represents a game that has most likely been shovelled out without any due care or attention. We're not impressed in the slighted and we'd most likely imagine that you'll be far from impressed if you pick this one up.

2 - Here we have a title that we have no idea how it managed to pass through Nintendo's quality tests, with nothing but flaws around every corner, this title represents something that's barely playable. Don't be wasting your hard earned cash on this pile of junk.

1 - What can we say? We won't be held responsible if you, for some reason, decided to pick this car crash of a game up!

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